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killed without a funeral. >>> and in northwest washington today, a memorial mass for victims of haiti's earthquake. ♪ hundreds of people attended the mass of the shrine of the sacred heart to remember those who perished. the search churched washington's haitian communities and one of its priests was in haiti when the earthquake struck. he heads the archdiocese in washington. >>> a 20-year-old marine from dc is stabbed to death at a party in baltimore. lindsey mastis is in southeast washington with the latest. >> reporter: well, darius ray was stationed here and baltimore police say he and another man were stabbed while attending a party. the second man is in the hospital with serious injuries. it's a tough time for family, friends and his fellow marines. some are turning to facebook and sharing their memories. i'm told his family is still in the process of telling what happened. the marines are working with baltimore police and police are hoping to make some arrests in this case before the end of the day. right now, loved ones are simply trying to cope. i spoke with his sister over
peninsula. kimberly dozier in washington has more on that part of the story. story. >> reporter: this is yemeni government video of its u.s.-trained counter-terrorist teams at work. but cbs news has lshed exclusively that recent combined air and ground assaults against al qaeda in december were american-led, according to a u.s. special prayings expert who trains yemeni officers. >> that was very much something executed by the united states but with very heavy support by the yemeni government. it was cruise missile strikes, in combination with military units on the ground, but it was a very disik signal from the obama administration that they are serious in assisting yemen remove these al qaeda facilities from its soil. >> reporter: the target, al qaeda of the arabian peninsula, an affiliate of osama bin laden's group with a popular following in yemen. the yemeni offshoot claimed responsibility for the attempted airliner bombing on christmas day, but american counter-terrorist teams have been track al qaeda in yemen since the uss "cole" bombing in 2000 and the u.s. military, incl
washington tonight. the white house this evening is reassembling its political team with former obama campaign manager david pluf returning. that word comes after a bad week on wall street and challenges to the renomination of fed chairman ben bernanke. the dow dropped 4.1% this week, the biggest weekly drop since march of last year. and tonight, the white house is launching a full-court press on bernanke's behalf. kimberly dozier has more. >> reporter: the stock market's drop came after a one-two punch of bad news for wall street from the white house and capitol hill. on thursday, president obama pledged to impose new banking regulations. late friday came word that fed chief ben bernanke's senate confirmation to a second term might be in jeopardy. some in congress blame bush-era holdover bernanke for failing to reign in the banks and markets leading to the 2008 crash. >> do you hand the job of rebuilding a house burned down by a fire to the person who helped set fire to begin with. >> reporter: those objections are fueled in part by the public's anger over rising unemployment and ban
the road. >> reporter: melika washington overestimated her s.u.v.'s four-wheel drive. >> it's bad on the side roads. i thought the highway would be better but it's not any better. >> reporter: on the road to hilton head, south carolina, the wintry mix may have put a circhg into weekend plans. >> i have my golf clubs in the car. i should have brought ice skates. >> reporter: making matters worse-- subfreezing temperatures. thick ice coated tree limbs and power lines. more than 200,000 people lost electricity from oklahoma to virginia. but while the adults were shoveling, children sought out the highest hill they could find for sledding. and in washington, where up to eight inches fell, the giant panda didn't didn't seem to mind the weather but the storm cut short tai shan's farewell party. he's headed back to china next week. so while storm moves off the coast, temperatures in the teens are expected to keep icy roads crus. in fact the department of transportation says it may be two to three days before some roads are safe to drive again. >> glor: okay, joel brown tonight. thank yo
abdulmutallab with the head of the pakistan taliban. >> in a letter to the washington post today cia director leon panetta defended the agents for letting the man in, he said the individual was about to be searched by our security officers, a distance away from other intelligence personnel, when he set off his explosives. critics contend they trusted and risked too much. >> one of the officers killed had nearly 15 years experience doing nothing but al qaeda. he is referring to the base's station sheet, a member of the clandestine service, former agents tell me in loss is going to have a chilling effect on the risks that agents on the ground are allowed to fake jeff. >> glor: kimber dozier, thank you. since the attempted christmas airline attack, international attention has focused on yemen, which claims to be taking action against al qaeda there. but it is hampered by a civil conflict that could bring even more chaos to an already troubled country and potentially even more trouble for the u.s. terry mccarthy is in the yemeni capital tonight. >> reporter: yemen is fighting a war on three front
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)